How it works

I have my method printed out and provided I follow it to the letter there is absolutely no reason that the winning scenario will change, but I am not prepared to sell it, because I couldn’t put a price on it.

But  if you want to check the results for yourself in real time I am prepared to give you a FREE TRIAL so you will see that it isn’t just good its fantastic !! – and ITS TRUE !!!!!!

Please contact me by phone on 0161 798 0904  or email and I will give you my message line and pin number from around the 20th of the month FREE OF CHARGE so you can see for yourself before you join me.

It’s a normal 01 number so you will probably get it free and the message will be on by around 11 am—the pin numbers change on the 1st of the month so you will then need to join my fantastic service to keep getting the selections.

I am charging just £98 for 3 months that’s just £32.66 a month !!! You can either use the Paypal button to the right – or send a cheque payable to L Levine to my home address below (The only tipster giving out my home address on the internet, as I have nothing to hide!!) or ring me and I’ll give you my bank details so you can pay it straight into my account and start instantly.