How it works

As you may well be aware, I run what is arguably the most successful laying service in the UK at with an almost 90% STRIKE RATE of winning lays. Before I started it I put in 12months of painstaking research to develop a winning formula which is now winning for me and my very happy clients day after day week after week and month after month.—all my results are based on statistics which do not lie and keep providing great results over and over again. Check out my results page for the lowdown.

I have been running my racing advisory service for 30 years successfully so I know what people want. Some of my clients have been with me for many years, having sometimes left to try other services but always coming back to me. My day starts at 5 am when I go through the days racing thoroughly looking for various pointers from methods I have used with great success over the years

If it’s not broke don’t fix it —these methods keep finding the winners so why desert them ??

I usually advise 1 maybe 2 bets in a day and if there is nothing which stands out as having a winning chance at decent odds there will be no bet, as I back all my selections myself, and obviously don’t want to lose my money as well as my clients all bets are level stakes either 1 point win or 1/2 a point each way using a 30 point betting bank none of the 2pts or 3 pts rubbish to try and enhance my figures which a lot of tipsters do every one of my bets is a nap !—it’s as simple as that .

All the bets are given out on a normal call rate landline before 9 am, so it’s usually a FREE call as most line providers give this service, I always give the reasons why I have gone for the selection which gives you the confidence to have a decent bet, I always tell you which bookies are offering the best odds….you will definitely benefit from my years of experience which has resulted in me having accounts closed by most of the major bookies if you wish to see their e mails turning my bets down just let me know and I can forward them to you. I am only interested in taking on clients who are very serious about making a profit and who are prepared to start a proper betting bank and do this professionally like me !!

I have now put in around 9 months research into the All Weather which has great benefits, to make it easier for punters to back WINNERS !! the main thing is the going is consistent on all 4 tracks so we are not bothered about the unpredictable UK climate, there are no obstacles to jump and horses with good speed figures and good recent form keep winning regularly.

The form on the All Weather tracks is much more consistent than on the turf which makes it a lot easier for trainers to place their horses on the surface which suits them best.